Webster County Comprehensive Corridor Plan Update

Planning 101

Planning 101

Community Planning Overview

Community planning empowers members of the community to shape the future of their shared space. Webster County is working to develop a Comprehensive Corridor Plan while updating the Webster County Comprehensive Plan and Webster County Zoning Ordinance. These plans will help guide the community’s growth physically, economically, and culturally. The overall timeline and planning processes are available below.

The Planning Process

Public Engagement

Planning is highly dependent on community engagement. The Comprehensive Corridor Plan and the Comprehensive Plan Update and Zoning Ordinance Update are being developed to serve the community of Webster County. So we’ll start by asking you: “What does the community want?”

Community Profile

Existing plans, demographic data, county ordinances, and various resources will be reviewed to compile a community profile from which we will build the Comprehensive Corridor Plan and consider the updates for the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Plan Development

Community engagement and the community profile developed in the first stage of the project provide context for the Comprehensive Corridor Plan. This portion of the document will serve as a roadmap for the community, guiding future development and helping to determine decisions that will create Webster County’s ongoing resilience and success. The Comprehensive Corridor Plan will focus on a few key elements including economic development, natural and agricultural resources, and intergovernmental coordination.

Planning Timeline